What We Do

At PerformHQ, we understand that for many businesses there is a big difference between identifying what needs to be done to respond rapidly to challenges and having the bandwidth as well as the specific expertise required to make change happen at the desired pace; and without breaking something else that is important.

Our team of associates and partners are specialists and experts in the delivery of change all having accomplished positive outcomes for companies in their successful careers as functional leaders before teaming up with us. As well as valuing their expertise, we share a motivation and passion working with clients collaboratively providing both knowledge and experience to accelerate change and deliver results.

What We Offer

We can provide expertise and experienced support to:​

  • Frame the problem or issue – defining the business problem and providing practical support in the form of tools, techniques and business frameworks to ensure actions and plans are aligned to the desired outcome.
  • Enable effective communication – Effective internal and external communication,  appropriately targeted and messaged to ensure that all stakeholders are part of the change journey ensuring nobody is “left behind”.  
  • Provide timely expert HR and commercial support  – Change programmes have a habit of throwing  up un-expected  hurdles and barriers that need timely and specialist advice or skills to maintain a path to stay on track. 
  • Build internal capability and know-how – embedding knowledge and capability in leadership as well as the addition of new functional skills and competencies achieved through a combination of recruitment, coaching & mentoring and training tailored to the business situation. 

Our Functional Expertise

We have Associates that can help and support in the following disciplines. 

  • HR and Recruitment
  • Business Strategy and Development
  • Implementing Effective Retailing Strategies
  • Buying and Merchandising
  • General Operations
  • Programme Management
  • Coaching and Development
  • Legal 
  • Project Management
  • PR and Marketing