About Us

What We Do

Welcome to PerformHQ, a unique network of experts providing small to medium size companies with all the essential “HQ” business services required to scale and grow quickly and successfully. Our combination of experts and practitioners with years of leadership experience and specialist knowledge have been proven in accelerating progress along a growth path to  turbocharge business performance.

How We Work

In our experience, success comes from knowing the best techniques, close collaboration with our clients business experts and the targeted application and sharing of learned experience to achieve the desired step change outcome.

Why Choose Us

At PerformHQ, we understand that for many businesses, covering the full range of “Head Office” Services to provide specialist support and tools to front line operations is not affordable or even perhaps known and identified as a critical knowledge gap that is preventing growth. Turbocharging performance starts with knowing what good looks like and then establishing and managing a change plan to bridge the gap to achieve rapid results.

About the Team

Our team (led by Founders Mark Cox and Paul Kennedy) includes experts in organisational development, leadership, retail and leisure operational management, technology selection and deployment, backed up by specialists in legal & commercial and talent recruitment to form a “super-bench” of advisors and specialists working together to deliver results.