How We Work

Speed to value is always an important consideration in any assignment we undertake. However, to achieve this our approach is always thorough and we apply solid techniques to analyse each situation carefully before recommending and executing change together, backed up by the experience and specialist expertise of our associate and partner network.

Perform HQ Principles

Understand the problem – Cause and Effect

Most failures in delivery and execution can be traced back to a failure to understand the problem in the business context and secondly from underestimating the timeline and the scope required to deliver embedded change. Effective change starts with a realistic understanding of what is wrong or where the gap to improved performance exists.  We take enough time to understand and address root causes not symptoms.  

Guided by Experience

Problem solving is a combination of the application of solid technique, business knowledge and a key ingredient; shared and learned experience. We seek to leverage the experience of our unique network of experts to solve problems jointly.

Be Realistic and Simplify to succeed

Change is certainly transformational business change is complex and can take time for benefits to materialise.  Our approach is to simplify delivery and to encourage  realistic expectations on outcome.  And., We celebrate success, no matter how small.  Change is incremental. Small wins accumulate and build momentum and confidence

Do – Learn – Do

Every project is different. Even if we all think it looks the same. So, we believe that new skills and capabilities are best learned “on the job” where the outcome matters, and theory and practice go hand in hand. We call it Do-Learn-Do

Big Changes – in Small Steps

Lasting and beneficial business change usually impacts every part of the business in some form. Processes, People, Systems, Service and Customers Satisfaction are interdependent.  Clarity on what successful change looks like is important in ensuring that every small tangible step is aligned to achieving the end goal. Everybody in the business is a contributor to lasting change in some way.