Leading change needs simple steps to be taken

Karen Williamson, Associate at PerformHQ, explains how to go about a process of change in a thorough and planned fashion:

With many years of experience and expertise at a senior and board level, the “Superbench” at PHQ are experts in supporting and delivering change. If you would just like some advice, we are happy to help.

All change is personal! Inspiring change is a key part of any leadership role, having the right knowledge and skill to lead change will help you to feel confident and equipped to support the business.

We have included 5 key points with a simple 8 step model to support you.

  1. Identify the root cause of the change requirement or problem you are facing.
    Many businesses go after the answer or solution to the problem before they have truly understood the issue. Take the time to fix the right issue – the root cause!
    Conduct a root cause analysis or a fishbone exercise with the team to clearly understand all aspects of the issue.
  2. Change is intensely personal to people.
    Everyone wants to change and stay the same, yet they must think, feel and behave differently.
    Leaders have a role to spark motivation, create interest, share the skills required and develop capability. Great leaders set the direction and the team set the route.
  3. Maximise communication – be open and honest.
    Celebrate the old ways for each change requirement.
    Paint the picture for the team of what great will look like.
    Create an awareness of the changes required, explain why the change is needed
  4. Build winning teams and this is even more important when teams are working remotely.
    The emotion and reaction from each person will be different.
    Monitor how individuals react to the change using the “Kubler Ross Change Curve”.
    Identify champions for change and people who are determined showing great resilience to change.
    Leaders must win each person one by one, do not leave anyone behind.
  5. Bringing the 8 steps to life for any change programme is the key to success. There are many models that can support, ADKAR will work in any size of company.

Have a plan. Set the goal. Define the change. Celebrate the old. Communicate the challenges.
LISTEN. Find champions. Adjust and set performance objectives
Management of change alongside the day job  Identify the right people in your organisation to lead change who not only have the skill but time! This is a time-consuming role.

If you want change to be embedded PerformHQ can support at any level of change and implementation. We offer support in the initial stages of identifying and scoping the issue through to implementation. We can also work at any level of an organisation.

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