Keep looking forwards and delivering change, even in difficult times

Matt Bricknell, Associate at PerformHQ, explains how businesses can look beyond the here and now to shape stronger futures:

Building on the points made in the recent posts from Mark Cox and Paul Kennedy, project sponsors and project managers can do things now to create a better environment for project delivery in this difficult time of short horizons:
1) Look for the vision.
All change projects must be delivered for a reason. Whether that is for growth, regulatory compliance or to survive, with so much tactical change taking place, it is vital to find the vision for every project.

What does the world look like after the project is done and who benefits? If you cannot find it, it does not make sense or is not relevant any longer…take action to address this.

2) Seek out the political will and avoid the politics.
Workplace politics can be a negative influence, something that can finish off motivation during any project. On a very challenging project with an overseas government I really came to understand what POLITICAL WILL meant: the desire to get it done.

Do not let political noise drag you down. Success will come for your project if there is a strong desire and will coming from the right place. Find it, build on it and work with it to follow the vision.

3) Increase focus on risks.
Being in business means managing risk. Dealing with risk means looking forward. Shift yourself away from focussing on what has already happened. Challenge everything with “what if?”, encourage different perspectives, and look at what could derail your project.

In a decade I have had projects impacted by a volcano, bacterial infection at a project location, a key team member developing appendicitis, ncooperative official bodies introducing delays, unseasonal snowfall and now a pandemic. One in a million events really do happen.

All businesses can and should benefit from having a strong project mindset alongside operations, finance, and sales. So have a vision, seek out the will and always ask what-if.

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