Perfect storm means businesses need to move fast

Paul Kennedy, PerformHQ co-founder, explains how businesses can learn from the COVID-19 pandemic:

This year is like no other, we have created the ‘Perfect Storm’.

Gone are the days of normality and stability we have entered a new era where the nimbleness and agility of an organisation to move fast and adapt to changing situations could be the difference between survival and going under.

But I have seen this all before, the events of September 11th crashed the markets and forced the transformation of the travel industry which led to the creation of on-line travel companies Expedia, ebookers and

The financial crisis of 2008 transformed high street retail as we know it driving omnichannel and online offerings amidst new tech start-ups. But this ‘Perfect Storm’ gets more interesting.

The Furlough Scheme will be in place until March 2021 – some employees will have had the year off as they look to return to work in 2021. Their previous 9- 5 ‘time in the office’ is now replaced with ‘I’m at home all day’.

They will require a new onboarding, induction, orientation, and education in new ways of working – life has moved on. Other employees have had to work through this period often carrying the weight of many roles on their shoulders.

Their burden is obvious and their resentment in some cases palpable. The Mental Health and Wellbeing agenda for this group of employees is now the number 1 priority for many organisations.

Merging these two groups and synchronising the organisation, figuring out who ultimately does what and how to maintain great employee satisfaction is a challenge that faces our leaders today and amidst this challenge The ‘War for Talent ‘ continues unabated.

Recruiting, training, developing and retaining the very best talent is relentless and it’s not easy. At PerformHQ we partner with you to lead the way navigating these choppy ‘Perfect Storm’ waters.

We help you to identify who does what driving improved employee satisfaction aligning the organisation for future success.

Get in touch to hear about our Unique PHQ diagnostic assessment combined with our super-bench of experienced practitioners who can be the Catalyst to Turbocharge your future success.

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