Transforming your business? Don’t leave your people on the platform

Perform HQ co-founder Mark Cox explains how digital can shape a stronger future for your organisation:

Prioritising digital transformation due to the Covid-19 pandemic is a smart objective. Importantly, achieving this objective requires early recognition by leaders of the critical role people play in driving their ongoing transformation.

Organisational complexity, inadequate skills and employee burnout are hurdles that need to be overcome. And now! This is increasingly important as the pandemic has changed the way businesses are operating day to day.

How effective you are in helping your employees learn the skills needed to work in a new way and supporting the physical and emotional health of your workforce is crucial. Businesses face a proliferation of initiatives due to the pandemic.

Accompanied by a reduction in the number of people in the business due to redundancy or furlough, businesses now find that the roles and skills required to execute successfully and to provide the required focus are missing or in short supply.

Having the capability to plan, deploying the right resources and doing the right things in the right way are the key elements needed to turbocharge your business transformation.

At PerformHQ we often refer to this as CAST – the Consistent, Application of Solid Technique.

Improving operational scalability
The ongoing disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic has shown how important it can be for businesses to be built for change. Many executives are facing demand fluctuations, new challenges to support employees working remotely and requirements to cut costs.

Indeed, many executives are experiencing “Zoom” burnout themselves. In addition, many organisations are making permanent changes to their organisational strategy.

For example; Increased participation in platform-based business models and increased participation in partner networks creates a broader business “eco system” that operate for mutual benefit.

Executing these new strategies inevitably requires a scalable and flexible IT infrastructure. Trends show an increased prioritisation of cloud technology; moving more business functions to the cloud.

This transition is not achieved at the flick of a switch. It too requires planning and expertise thus avoiding the pitfalls of poor execution and the resulting tag of “another failed technology project”

Enabling workforce in new ways A renewed focus on people may be critical amid the Covid-19 pandemic while many employees are working outside of traditional offices and dealing with heightened personal stress and uncertainty.

Expectations employees have of their employers have shifted amidst the pandemic, employees now expect that their employers will take an active role in supporting their physical and emotional health as well as the skills they need to work in new ways.

Leaders need to demonstrate greater focus on their people, putting employees’ end-to-end well-being first. Empathetic leaders who encourage personal accountability and support employees to work in self-directed teams that apply design thinking, Agile principles and DevOps tools and techniques can be beneficial.

Organisations should also think about adopting a holistic model of skills development to help employees develop both the behavioural and technical skills required to work in the new normal and foster a culture of continuous learning.

Perhaps the Covid-19 pandemic will have a catalytic impact on business; Accelerating the initiation and planning for digital transformation programmes and turbocharging the execution of a growing list of initiatives.

Businesses today need clarity in their business strategies and recognise the clear role people play in their ongoing transformation. Organisational complexity, inadequate skills and employee burnout are inevitably some of the biggest hurdles to overcome.

At PerformHQ, we have a super-bench of experienced practitioners ready to assist your business to plan and execute your business transformation. Get in touch, for a free initial consultation to see if PerformHQ can be the catalyst to turbocharge your business change.

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